"What's the world for you if you can't make it up the way you want."

-Jazz, Toni Morrison


Kevin Rountree is the author and illustrator of “A Lion With Crooked Glasses,” a whimsical children’s tale, inspired by his adventures as a single parent. Instagram: @artofrountree, Website: www.rountreeworks.com.

Artist Statement

"I see art in everything and everyone. I study lines, crevices, where light falls or doesn’t fall. I create stories in my mind about people and things – how they got there, where they came from, why they are the way they are. The level of detail I put into a drawing or painting, reflects the depth to which I’ve considered the subject matters’ complexities. I draw people on a daily basis. It is my way of acknowledging their presence and honoring their story, whatever it may be. I do this because I’ve often felt alone as a child and as an adult. I create a sense of community in my head, using the characters I draw. 
I often draw things and people that aren’t “pretty,” based on conventional standards. I do this to spark dialogue about difficult topics. I do this to generate a feeling of relatability between the viewer and the image I’ve created; thus, making relatable the topic to the viewer."

Navy Gridlines (and other paintings)

Navy Gridlines (and other paintings)