"What's the world for you if you can't make it up the way you want."

-Jazz, Toni Morrison

Shattered Landscapes

Shattered Landscapes

A retired educator, Dave Sims now dwells and creates in the mountains of central Pennsylvania. His comix can be seen in the Nashville Review, Talking Writing, Nunum, and Arkana, while his digital paintings appear in pages of the Raw Art Review, Burningword, and Stonecoast. Instagram: @tincansims

Artist Statement

“We often don't see what is right before our eyes. The world's lines, borders and boundaries are more amorphous than is comfortable to admit. But if we squint at anything, we can see the contrails of atoms in infinite motion. Spaces we think empty suddenly teem with unusual inhabitants, and as altered looking turns into active seeing, in our minds we can sometimes hear the older ancient narratives swirling up around us like currents from the deeper seas. It is often dangerous to consider how the earth that holds us now also holds some remnants of all who walked here before.”

Too Many Hard Bargains

Worship Please

He Ran Down the Yellow Bricked Road As Fast As He Could But He Got There Too Late

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Little Baby Comin While Wolves Wait at the Door

The Kind of Guys with Blowholes

Always & Forever

Always & Forever