1. How often is the website updated with new content?

Monthly issues are typically posted on the first of each month and are composed of a combination of unsolicited and commissioned content. Finalsts for our prompt competitions may also be found in their respective categories, however there is no specific schedule to their postings as competitions are announced at random times during the month (see question #5). 

2. Where else can content from Chaleur Magazine be found?

Content published in Chaleur Magazine can be found on our website and in our quarterly print issues. Additionally, readers can follow the Chaleur Magazine Apple News channel where esssays and stories are posted. Promotional excerpts from different creators' works are shared on our Instagram (@chaleurmagazine) and Facebook (Chaleur Magazine) pages.

3. How can I be notified of new content and Chaleur Magazine related news?

Following us on on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook is the best way to keep up with new developments. Followers of our Apple News channel can elect to recieve notifications when new content is posted. We also provide the option to subscribe to our email newsletter.

4. What rights does Chaleur Magazine have on the content it publishes?

All content submitted for our online monthly issues are published under one-time non-exclusive publication rights. Creators featured in our online monthly issues are free to submit and publish their work wherever they choose; feature credit to Chaleur Magazine is appreciated but not required. For these reasons, we do not enter into publication agreements or contracts for work submitted to our online issues.

For 36-hour prompt competition winning content and accepted submissions for our print issues, Chaleur Magazine compensates creators for first serial publication rights. We do not accept previously published work for our prompt competitions or print issues. After publication, creators are free to circulate their work anywhere but are required to credit Chaleur Magazine as the original publisher. For these reasons, we enter into private publication agreements for work obtained through these avenues of solicitation.

5. How do your 36-hour prompt competitions work?

The 36-hour prompt competition is our favorite way to interact with our readers. At any point in the month, any point in the day, a new prompt competition can be announced on our social media pages. From the moment the prompt is released online, any of our followers can submit work to be considered. Thirty-six hours after the prompt is released, our online submission form closes and our editors begin the selection process for a set amount of finalists. Finalists have their work published on our site and voted on by our followers. Finalists with the most votes win the established prize for that competition.

6. What is Chaleur Magazine’s relationship to Chaleur Press?

Chaleur Magazine is owned and operated by Chaleur Press. Creators published in our online monthly or print quarterly issues may be solicited by the Press for manuscripts or asked to be partners in artistic projects. The Magazine is often how the Press gets introduced to new and emerging talent.