The theme of our 2018 Summer Print Issue is "Letters to My Unfinished Love". In accordance with the issue's theme, please give us the honor of hearing the words you would tell your unfinished love. Whether it be to a child that grew up too fast, a lover that left behind crumbles of a heart, a version of yourself you hope to never see again, or the future of a romance firing on all cylinders. Write your Letter with the form provided below. There is no minimum, no maximum, and no censorship. A handful of submitted letters will be selected for publication in our print issue. Thank you in advance for your contribution. Deadline: July 21st

Learn about how you can submit your essay, poetry, critique, story, or art to the issue here.


Who are you speaking to? (e.g. Miranda, my boss, he-who-shall-not-be-named)
Write whatever you want, be it petal or thorn, allow it to be honest.
Sign your letter however you want. Pseudonyms encouraged. We do not publish full names.
Where are you writing from? (City/Town, State or City/Town, Country)