"What's the world for you if you can't make it up the way you want."

-Jazz, Toni Morrison

A World of Hypocrites, Vanity Waltz, and Ferris Wheel

A World of Hypocrites, Vanity Waltz, and Ferris Wheel

A World of Hypocrites

Street sweeper sweeps the city’s sins from
the cement,
the sinister grins of
the slick suits.

Silly sluts sell their slim figures by
street signs,
letting the lustful insert coins in them like
slot machines.

Coroners count the coins of
composed corpses
from crying
wives, daughters, and brothers.

Priests sing from their souls
the lies told by
the ancients.
Faith in fiction.

Sleepy students strive to
but get stuck in
their siblings’ and parents’ mistakes.

Celebrities stand up for
“What’s right”
but are blind to
the common peoples’ plight.

Politicians promise
but deliver

Someone should stop the
sanctimonious soul
surely there is someone
with this goal

Surely there is someone
out there in the world
who is not a



Vanity Fair

Lace, chiffon, silk, organza
dresses swaying against the wood.
Heels clicking.
Voices echoing.
It sounds like heaven in that room.

Pearl colored smiles
glittering jewels
pinned up curls
and a chandelier
that matches the fire

Gold paneled wall paper
silver tea sets
butlers and maids,
watching in the wings.

As the lords and ladies
sway and swing to music
that deafens their ears,
to music that deafens their hearts.

Cravats constricting around the gentlemens’ throats
Corsets, like pythons, crush the ladies’ ribcages,
and squish their organs into perfect molds.

As they drink away the world,
and enter their fantasy,
a self-deluded version of their own reality,
of their own



Ferris Wheel

I used to love Ferris Wheels
because I could predict where they would go,
but, as my life progressed, 
I learned I didn’t want to know.

Life is always compared to a rollercoaster
emotions go up and down
relationships all over.
It’s true a rollercoaster does those things,
but so too does a Ferris wheel
and I would argue that’s the metaphor that’s real

When the ride comes to a stop,
the attendant doesn’t let you off,
he just hits the drama button
and back up you go to the top

Of course most do not recognize
their life forever playing on repeat
but it’s the ones that do who jump off the ride
after admitting defeat.

The only true to get off the ride
is to break it from inside.
And it’s easier to do that
when you have someone by your side.

I would know, because I broke mine
just a few years ago
when I decided that I despised knowing
where it would e


Emily Womble's goal in life is to show people what the world was, what it is, and what it can be if we all come together as a species with love in our hearts, ideas in our heads, and beautiful words in our soul. She hopes her words inspire someone one day and make a difference in the world.

Cover photo by Alex Iby on Unsplash



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