"What's the world for you if you can't make it up the way you want."

-Jazz, Toni Morrison

Sonnet, Four Minutes, and All Hollywood

Sonnet, Four Minutes, and All Hollywood

Sonnet For Burying a Lover

If a poem can be anything, then
let this poem be both treasure chest and
coffin. I’ll write you just to bury you
in the ground like all precious things. You are
better out of sight. Of course, I’ll miss you.
I miss all my old dreams. I am a dream
hotel, and this is me cleaning your room
for another guest. Look at what I found,
monarch wings and old receipts to put in
your box. You were a beautiful lover,
and you make a beautiful elegy.
I loved you once. It was not enough.
If a poem can be anything, then
let this poem be a sweet catharsis.



Four Minutes on Forever or Rest Energy 

“It’s just four minutes and ten seconds,
  but for me it was forever”

Me and you are a performance
art installation of hands holding

I hold the bow and you hold the string
and we balance a fire-red arrow between us

point aimed at my heart
I’ve never risked a heartbeat before

but with you
vulnerability is inevitable 

like hands ache to let go 
like the snap of the bow 

your eyes in my eyes
look at me like art, we are

no other thought than hold on hold on
for the sake of what we create

you hold on and I hold on
and we hold onto the same weapon

me and you are the same weapon
how long can keep the fire-red arrow 

between us before it kills



All Hollywood 

It’s like that scene before the end
in Sunset Boulevard
where Joe has his bags packed
ready to leave Hollywood for good
and Norma comes in with a gun
ready to kill herself for the audience
Joe tells her there is no audience
which throws Norma into glamour hysterics
She is a star
no one ever leaves a star
Joe says goodbye, Norma
and she trails him down the staircase
not accepting that everything ends
outside Norma fires the first bullet
into Joe’s back and he keeps walking
he is ready to leave Hollywood for good
Norma fires the second bullet
and Joe turns around
and Norma fires the third bullet
and Joe falls into the pool
it’s all Hollywood
me and you
all Hollywood
me and you
and there is no audience for
me and you

Trevor Eichenberger is a queer Midwestern writer. He is currently enrolled at Nebraska Wesleyan University where he is pursuing a BA in English. His work has been featured on Allegory Ridge, CatheXis Northwest Press, and Impossible Archetype.

Cover photo by Jason Blackeye on Unsplash

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