A stranger knocked at the door of my soul The crash, a riot, and a loss of control And I have become a visitor in mine own bone.

We enter the summer still dreaming of spring and the wonderful content we got to review. Our theme for this print issue was “Portraits of Who I Used to Be,” and we were awed by the many directions our contributors decided to take the prompt. This issue features poetry, essay, stories, and art from 22 contributors from the United States and beyond, each introducing themselves in their own way.

Sarah Cook from Central Point, Oregon
LQ from Whitewater, Wisconsin
Hannah Benefield from from Lakeland, Florida
Ruth Keitz from Los Fresnos, Texas
Liz Alterman from Chatham, New Jersey
Ann Kempke from St. Paul, Minnesota
Maise Chilton Tressler from Pōneke (New Zealand)
Roopa Dudley from Karachi, Pakistan
Karen Wolf from Bowling Green, Ohio
Henry Presente from Washington, D. C.
Carol Blatter from Tucson, Arizona
Lee Jia-An from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Charles Holdefer from Brussels, Belgium
Katie Simpson from San Fransisco, California
Mary Lane Potter from Seattle, Washington
Roger Camp from Seal Beach, California
Dr. Maria Thompson Corley from Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Sharon Goldberg from Seattle, Washington
Janet M. Powers from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Rukmini Girish from Chicago, Illinois
Sarah Beck from Fargo, North Dakota
Robert Hickerson from Brooklyn, New York

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Notice: As of September 19th, all future digital downloads and print runs of the SPRING 2019 PRINT ISSUE will feature a correction to the poem, “Unwavering” by Karen Wolf, originally published under the incorrect title “In My Father’s Darkroom.”