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*Due to printing error, some copies have spine text misaligned by approximately .2 inches. These copies, with perfectly printed interiors, are available for 55% off.*

100% of print sale proceeds (up to Oct. 31st) will be donated to the Missouri Humanities Council’s Veterans Writing Workshops, a program nominated by Stacey Walker. The Veterans Writing Workshop provides a creative outlet for veterans and their families to engage in the passionate labor of storytelling. Through free workshops facilitated by professional writers, men and women who served our country learn how to find and weave together the words of their important and invaluable experiences. The effectiveness of these workshops are expressed in the words of a participant: “Once I get these ideas out of my head and onto paper, they don’t revisit me in nightmares anymore.” Find out more about the MHC and the Veterans Writing Workshops here.

Summer brings with it aromas of romance and all its heaviness. Even the ghosts of lovers once living walk with new strength in the light of a benevolent sun, even feet that now know nowhere to rest are tickled by a harvest of new roses.

Throughout the summer we’ve had the opportunity to view the work of over 200 creators, from a variety of backgrounds, who responded to our theme of “Letters to My Unfinished Love.” After months of careful consideration and planning our team has put together moving stories, essays, poetry, and art from 17 talented creators. Additionally, an open call for anonymous letter submissions yielded tender words that became the issue’s central pieces. The anonymously submitted letters combine with the issue’s literary and artistic content to produce a stunning 100+ page œuvre du la coeur.

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