In accordance with the inspiration behind Chaleur Magazine, we look for work that applies pressure to our weak spots, work that opposes, work that makes us sweat, work that makes us seek shade that will never come. Catalysis is tied to no phase and no medium, so we accept submissions in four categories: Essays, Story, Poetry, and Art. Excerpts of submissions, whether selected for publication or not, may receive free promotion on our social media pages. There is a limit of two submissions per category per month (we will not review more than 10 submissions from a single source within a calendar month). We aim for a response time of 1-2 months, please do not inquire about your submission until nine weeks have passed. Work published elsewhere is accepted as long as the creator retains publishing rights; the publication date and initial publisher of said work must be identified. Chaleur Magazine reserves the right to edit content for simple errors and formatting to increase readability. Submissions for the monthly online issues of Chaleur Magazine are accepted with a $3.25 fee and do not receive compensation. Submissions for our 36-hour prompt competitions are accepted without a reading fee and compensated with a prize. Submissions for our quarterly print issue are separate from those of our monthly online issues, they are accepted with a $5 reading fee and receive compensation upwards of $25 if selected.

Due to high submission volumes we are unable to offer specific feedback for each submission.


This theme is inspired by children’s bedtime stories, the comfort and wonder a journey to fantastical realms can bring. Tell us
stories that speak warmth and protection, write poetry that can arm for future triasl, wrap essays around the desire for escape, and create art that transports to psychedelic dreamscapes. Above all else: craft something of sweet dreams.

Submissions to our Summer 2019 Issue are open as of July 6, 2019 through September 5, 2019. The print issue is open to content in the Essay, Story, Poetry, and Art categories. The submission guidelines for our online monthly issues must be adhered to in addition to the following:

  • All work must be original and unpublished

  • Resolution of images submitted for the print issue must be at least 300 pixels per inch (ppi). Some art submissions may be selected to be printed on a 11 in. x 14 in. 2-page spread.

  • All submissions must include creator biographies. Creator biographies must include the creator's hometown and may not exceed 60 words (excluding words in the name of the creator's hometown)

  • All art submissions must include artist statements. Artist statements must be at least 200 words and may not exceed 350 words .Submissions to other categories may include artist statements to illuminate how the issue’s theme has inspired the work.

  • All social media links must be distinguished upon submission (i.e. "My website is" {mywebsite}.com, "My Instagram is" instagram.com/{myusername}, "My Twitter is" twitter.com/{myusername})

  • Submissions to the print issue are automatically considered for online publication in our monthly issues with no additional reading fee. Submissions to our monthly print issues are considered for online publication only.

  • Any submission that does not adhere to the above guidelines WILL be automatically declined.

Minimum compensation for accepted submissions: $25


The essay is a powerful medium and we prefer those that stretch their containers to the breaking point. We like essays that are argumentative, declarative, inquisitive, or just downright outrageous. We consider essays to be writing from the perspective lens of a singular subject, where reflection or rumination leads to a conclusion.Write us an essay about recovering from your first love from the perspective of your dog or write us an essay about your dog's first heartbreak from your perspective. Feel free to make fiction and non-fiction one in the same.  Essays must be in English and must not exceed 1000 words. If your work has been translated from another language, please indicate the original language. We also welcome recordings of writers reading an excerpt of their essays up to 5 minutes (5:00) in length.  Please include a high-quality image associated with the tone of your essay. If you do not own the image please include the name of the source in your submission so we can credit appropriately. If an image does not accompany your submission we will assign it one.


Human history is built on stories, the true, the false, and everything in-between. We consider short story writers to be  rulers of their own universe. Whether they choose to be benevolent or ruthless deities, the writers who catch our attention craft narratives with characters that live lifetimes in a few thousand words. We respect and revere the storyteller for the power they hold over the human mind. Stories must be in English and must not exceed 2000 words. If your work has been translated from another language, please indicate the original language. Please include a high-quality image associated with the themes of your story. If you do not own the image, please include the name of the source in your submission so we can credit appropriately. If an image does not accompany your submission we will assign it one.


Poetry for poetry's sake is useless. Lazy, pretty words are caught easily in a keen reader's headlights. We appreciate poetry in different styles and contemporary takes on old forms, we appreciate poets who aren't lazy with free-verse and playful with sonnets. In our opinion, the best poetry takes the most barbed, human ideas and emotions and fashions them into simple, efficient daggers. A single poetry submission can include up to three separate poems in a single document. Poems can be written in any language, whether earthly or celestial, as long as an accurate translation accompanies them. We also welcome recordings of writers reading their poetry, without limits to the length of the recordings. We encourage poets to submit self-made illustrations, as they can function as extensions of their words. If an image does not accompany your submission we will assign it one.


Images are powerful enough to flip over hearts and build upon heads corrupt regimes. We are searching for photography, paintings, comics, and all forms of still digital media that effortlessly brand the eyes with new perspectives. A competitive image submission is high in resolution (or low for the purpose of the work), takes unconventional liberties, and willing to investigate new shapes and color schemes. Images that are less than 100 pixels per inch (ppi) will be automatically rejected. Art submissions must include a minimum of two images and a maximum of six. Each submission must include a short 100-word artist statement, separate from the artist's bio. If an artist is found passing another's work as their own, the original artist will be notified and the offender will be permanently banned from publication in Chaleur Magazine.